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Magazine covers I designed for health care companies in North Carolina

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Genres: romance, children, memoir, education 

I specialize in Book Cover Illustration and have been privileged to work with clients from different literary niches. I Am Raising Readers, one of the nation's leading literacy educators, is one such client. During my engagement with the organization, I designed a series of booklets that continue to inspire young readers globally. Every design project I undertake is approached with the same commitment to quality, creativity, and excellence that have defined my career. I see my role as a book cover illustrator as a critical one, that of providing a visual representation of my client's story that will resonate with its audience.

Our book cover illustrations have been recognized for their outstanding quality and creativity. We collaborate with authors and publishers to create eye-catching designs that express the style, quality, and genre of their books. Our designs are intended to attract readers and enhance the author's brand. We work with your ideas and input to create a stunning book cover that represents your unique vision. This cover was created on behalf of CAMSTL.

Example of Work

Book Cover Designs 


BaileyGirls Publishing LLC



Art Book BookCovers for Emerging Artist Basil Kincaid


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